Future Over Past

I recently posted about having a particularly bad day mentally, and how generally these days don’t happen often. It happened again though, over something really stupid. It was the same thing as before which was my brain trying to screw with me. This time it effected someone who is really important to me, and who […]

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Wibble Wobble

Nope this isn’t a post about me putting on weight (this has happened) though that could well follow after the festive period! No the title of this post is relating to me and my brain. I’ve very much had a wobble day today. Generally I’m just ploughing away at life, dealing with whatever comes my […]

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You’re Doing Something Amazing

To say I’ve neglected my blog is an understatement! I’ve been meaning to post for so long but there’s been so many distractions and all sorts going on that it’s always put to one side. It’s something I’m aware of and something I need to address. Time management is not my strong point so I […]

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Multiple Personalities

I think I’m a pretty simple person (not in a simpleton kind of way….although I have my moments). What you see is what you get and generally I’m an open book, and will talk about any part of my life quite happily. I have times where I become a little more reserved and clam up, […]

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How Quickly Things Change

I haven’t posted for two or three weeks now, useless I know! I first started writing this blog to fill my quiet times, those times where thinking about stuff happens far too easily. I also started writing it to help me process things which were happening with the hope what I was writing would help […]

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Moments of Clarity

The kids were with their nan last night, and she dropped them back off this afternoon. I know lots of parents get little or not help/days off and I have the utmost respect for you as I’ve said before. Anyway the day started fine until I had to ask the ex to provide something (I […]

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This is what we call my little man, the subject for today’s post 🙂 Don’t know how I could love this dude more. He’s the best little boy ever. Yes he can be hard work, destructive and boisterous  but with that comes a lot of fun and laughter. I feel for him sometimes because his […]

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