Introduction-Who’s the daddy?

Well that would be me!

So my life took a pretty significant change in direction recently…I say recently but it’s getting on for two years ago now. I went from a long term relationship with a fiancé and two children, to a single dad living alone. Around 6 months after that all happened I had my kids again and the three of us were living together. That’s the short, drama free version and maybe some detail will follow down the line but for now it’s the three of us the majority of the time.

So why write a blog I hear you ask….

Well I’ve lost count of the number of times people have asked me “so why is it you have your kids more?” I know it’s not the most common of situations and often kids are with the mum following a split but for us this way worked out best. So I thought I’d write about stuff that happens in our simple life together as a family, that and someone made the suggestion! I’ll cover the fun stuff, the hard stuff, the funny stuff and all the stuff in between…….there will certainly be lots of stuff I guess is what I’m saying.

Very briefly, I’m the dad (obviously) and I’m just ambling my way through this whole parenting thing. I try to do the best I can for my kids, making sure I give them as positive and fun a life as possible. I want them to be well rounded, kind and caring kids. I work part time and will move to full time when my girl is in school this September, so finding the work/life balance will be harder soon but it makes sense to make the change. Everything I do is for my kids.

My daughter, let’s refer to her as A on here, is 4 years old and as clever as they come. She walked at 9 months and was counting to 10 before a year old (I have the cutest video of her doing that somewhere). She’s a smart one and already knows how to wrap me around her finger, but thankfully she goes easy on me most of the time. She’s also very protective of her little brother and has a tendency to mother him a little. She’s an absolute beauty, is scarily good at accents already and most importantly she thinks I’m hilarious!

My boy who we’ll refer to as H, is 13 months younger than A. I know……13 months between them, what were we thinking?! It was hard in the first few years, but I like how they are now. Anyway H is a handful…..a walking wrecking ball combined with a tornado and add a sprinkle of Semtex for added chaos. He’s almost the same height as A but he’s also a unit! You definitely know when you’ve picked him up. He’s a terror, but his smile allows him to get away with a lot and he’s never malicious or out to upset anybody. He’s a handsome chap too, ladies of the future watch out. H loves the normal boy stuff like trains, cars, dinosaurs etc but he’ll quite happily play dolls with A or make me dinner on their play kitchen (dinner tends to be boiled eggs, a whole tomato and maybe a carrot if he’s feeling generous).

So that’s us. I want to post about all sorts. Random stuff they say, day to day life, the first days of school plus my own life as a single parent. I also intend to post some more serious but also important stuff around families and being prepared for the future and the unexpected, which is mainly due to the job I do. Dating as a single dad probably requires a whole new site….just wow. Thank you for reading though, I hope this will be interesting and amuse at least a few people, and be helpful to some too.

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