Desert Cakes

Yesterday it rained a lot, and rainy days often make for bored kids. We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied at home but it seems kids get bored a lot quicker when they know they can’t really go out. Now I’m not against going out in the rain at all, but unfortunately I didn’t really have suitable coats for them to go out with, because someone didn’t send them back with them….say no more.

So we decided to do some baking, which is something we do a fair bit. Yesterday was a little different though as I didn’t quite have everything I needed so had to go a little rogue with the recipe. First I did the butter and caster sugar but definitely didn’t let the butter soften enough so the consistency was all wrong and the kids couldn’t really assist. We soldier on and flour is sieved in which they helped with, and only some ended up on the table so pretty happy with that. Next up is eggs…now A is a better egg cracker than I am and gets it done with no shell falling in. H on the other hand taps it on the edge of the bowl, drops it on floor and egg pisses out onto the rug. I quickly picked it up and held it over the bowl so he could pull the shell apart and salvage what was left. Now as I said, I went a little rogue with this. I thought I’d add some cocoa powder as they love a chocolate cake, but didn’t really think about anything else. So there’s not quite two eggs and there’s also cocoa powder which wasn’t part of the recipe, can you guess how these came out? I’ll tell you. They were dry. I imagine if you ate sawdust this is how it’d feel in your mouth. They were fookin awful. You know when you build a sandcastle and if touched slightly it just crumbles? That pretty much happened when touching these cakes. Just no……desert cakes are not the one.

Anyway I like baking with the kids. I have a go to chocolate cake recipe that is amazing every time without fail. If I had everything I needed I’d have stuck to what I know and we’d have enjoyed a nice moist cake. Oh and I love the word moist. Lots of people hate it. Mmmmmmoist…..m m m m moooiiiiisssst. I’ve said it so many time in my head now it’s lost all meaning, but I like it! I made this amazing chocolate cake with them not long ago and it’s pretty big, was yummy too but the next day they went to Paris with grandparents for a week. So what was I to do? I couldn’t let it go to waste so I ate the whole bloody thing over 4 days and I’m not even ashamed. Anyway it’s not just baking we do. I do like to try and involve them with cooking where possible. We like to get ready made pizza bases (lazy I know but I don’t even own a rolling pin) and then do all the toppings. So there’s a few bowls with stuff like cheese, tomato puree, meat etc and they just make the pizza they want and eat it for dinner. Great fun and they get to feel involved in the making of dinner. The other day I did spag bol and they helped put the passata and chopped tomatoes in. Not much more they could do but kept them happy.

I remember helping my mum with baking and cooking when we were young and I manage alright in the kitchen now as an adult. I think it’s a good life skill to teach your kids and it’s bonding too. Definitely good for those rotten weather days too. If anybody reads this and has their own ideas for involving kids in dinners and general cooking & baking I’d love to hear what you do, always looking for new ideas!

That’s me for today. I inhaled two bacon and fried egg rolls not long ago so now I need to decide if I try and work those off at the gym for 9 hours with a dodgy knee or just chill at home and likely stuff my face more…….decisions decisions!

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