Holey Tattered T-shirt Batman!

Today the kids are with their mum, as they were yesterday. Usually they’re back tomorrow but they’ll be home this eve so my plans have changed a little.

Now normally I’d consider the gym on my free days but it seems my body has just had a think about things and decided na….I’ve had enough chap. I’ve got pain in one knee, which I think has caused pain in my hip on the other side plus I think the other knee is trying to get in on the act. I ran/jogged/walked 10 miles in May and went through a number of obstacles, so why is it two months later I feel like my limbs could just drop off should I walk up a flight of stairs too fast?

Anyway due to my body wanting to throw in the towel I’m back home folding washing until I need to make a call relating to work. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that my kids probably have three times the number of clothes I do. I’m a nightmare for buying stuff for them. I’ll go into a shop for undies and maybe a t-shirt or two and come out with 3 dresses, 2 pairs of jeans for each of them, a total of 5 t-shirts, socks, undies and possibly a new pair of shoes each. Oh what’s that? Buy 20 items and get a whole 1 free?? I’m all over that! What’s wrong with me? Do they need all this stuff? Probably not no. Is there enough room in their drawers for said stuff? Probably not no. Then why do you keep buying stuff?! I dunno…. To be fair a lot of their bits go missing when they go to see the family, or it just lives at their houses until next time. I also need spares for them to take to nursery so some of this is justified, plus they always look super cute.

Now when it comes to me it’s all very different. I don’t tend to by stuff for me until my clothes start getting holes in them or the edges become all frayed and tatty (see where the title for this came from now?). I’m no #fashdad (fashionable dad) which is definitely something I’ve just made up (I don’t follow trending hashtags so I may not have actually made this up), more often than not I look like I could have just strolled out of the back of a dustbin lorry but I like my kids to look nice. I can always talk myself out of buying something new when it comes to clothing and I’m just as happy in a plain white tee from H&M as I am in designer stuff, but even that £3 tee from H&M could be put back if I spot a Batman one for H or a cute unicorn top for A. I think more often than not most parents are this way. You want nice things for your kids and you’ll put them ahead of yourself 9 times out of 10. Something I want to try and do, and it’s something I think all parents should do, is maybe try and change that number of times out of 10 you’re a little bit selfish. 8 times out of 10 in favour of the kids is good enough and parenting is hard, so we should spoil ourselves more often and take time to make ourselves feel good even if it’s only a fraction more. This applies to all parents whether you’re doing it alone or not. As rewarding as being a mum or dad is, it’s still demanding! So don’t feel bad being a little selfish on occasion, because a lot of us are superheroes without capes or adamantium claws, and we deserve it.


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