Sun and Sand

That was a long day!

I got the kids from nursery today and thought we’d go into the shopping centre where they have a big sandy play area for the summer holidays, which is indoors. So we walked over and the sun was out, it was lovely! H doesn’t get on with the sun, he gets annoyed with it and complains he’s hot when it’s out. To be fair to him it was rather warm, not to the extent where we’d burn or anything plus I actually think he just couldn’t be bothered to walk with his nursery bag on his back. We stopped for a snack and drink on our way and of course they managed to drop half of it on the floor, pretty standard.

We get to the centre and both need to pee so off to the lavs to sort that out. The usual messing around with the water and hand dryer plus keeping my eyes on them so they don’t pull the emergency disabled cord. So far they’ve never done this, but I’m just waiting for that time to come. Off to the sand! Shoes and socks off for them, I keep mine on as nobody needs to see my feet….I’m not that cruel. It’s absolutely packed although not the worst I’ve seen it. We find a space and sit down for a bit. We bury their feet so they can ping them out and flick sand everywhere. One of them gets sand in their eye, the other in their mouth…..then the other in their mouth too which I guess is all to be expected! They potter off a few meters away and play on these weird dolphin things so I thought I’d make a volcano. It was pretty good, dug the middle out and everything but could have done with a little stick for some intricate detail……yeah I’m not the slightest bit artistic so it would have looked shit either way.

Kids are hungry now so it’s off to grab some dinner, but not before another trip to the toilets. A is desperate but H cuts in and takes his sweet time while she’s standing cross legged doing the “I’m definitely going to wet myself” dance, but she makes it. More messing with the water and hand dryer (H put his head under and came out looking like he’d just auditioned for a particular scene from There’s Something About Mary). Flatten his hair, grab some food and sit outside. I definitely lost count of how many times I asked them both to sit nicely on the solid benches outside, it was a lot of times. Inevitably H is running along it and falls off. Nothing serious, just a tiny graze on his thumb and a sheepish look because he knew I was going to say something in a very “I told you so” kind of tone. Dinner done and we pop to a shop to get some ice cream to take home, but on the way A’s hair gets knotted up in her hairband. This is because she’s just started putting up her own hair, and at 4 years old I’m impressed….took me a bit to master ponytails and even longer for plaits (I’m still learning there actually).

Ice cream bought, back home, ice cream eaten and time for bed. I’m done in by this point as we’ve walked everywhere for the last 3 hours, kids are knackered too. I’ve done story time and cuddles, but while A is having her cuddle H has jumped as high as he can on his bed, landed on his bum and broken the middle slat to the bed……really? You’re doing this to me now? Well I did a daddy improvisation job. Emptied the toy box and stuck it in the hole, perfect height too, mattress back on, cuddles and done. Both are now asleep, my house is still trashed, I haven’t eaten yet and I’ve a few work related bits still to do. Was this afternoon long and stressful? A little yes. Would I change my situation for less stress? Not a chance.

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