Silly Daddy!

I love making the kids giggle. If you have my personal account on Instagram there’s a video of H laughing because I’m tickling him. Kids laughing is one of the best sounds you’ll ever hear, especially when they’ve properly lost their shit! Sometimes H laughs so much it’s just silence, he can’t even make noise, eventually something manages to escape and he sounds a little bit like Muttley (if you don’t know who that is don’t tell me as I don’t need help in feeling old). Pair the laughing with tears streaming down his face and you can’t help but laugh too! A seems to have a lot more control, either that or she doesn’t think I’m that funny….a bit like most other people.

The best part is though it doesn’t take all that much to make them chuckle. I’ll list a few of them and you’ll see what I mean.

They came back from their mum’s a while back and as they got out of the taxi they said “look it’s daddy ogre”. Of course I asked who called me that, to which they responded mummy. So like a trooper I just said “I’m an ooooogrrrrre” in the best Scottish accent I could muster, because who doesn’t like Shrek? They pissed themselves laughing and even now I say it out of the blue now and again just to make them laugh. Unfortunately me taking the moral high-ground didn’t last long…..mummy is now the Wicked Witch….ooops, but I do a great witches cackle and so does A! 

They watch a kids programme called Max and Ruby. The theme song is basically their names being sung. One day for no reason at all I started singing it in an accent that sounded like I was an angry drunk Russian. They couldn’t stop laughing. They’re just making it easy for me now. Oh and A wet herself laughing when I did this, literally wet herself, only a little but still!

I shout “Get to the bathroom” in my best Schwarzenegger voice when it’s time for them to brush their teeth and apparently that’s hilarious. Again if you can’t imagine this correctly you’ve never seen Predator and if you confirm that you’ll make me feel even older, so don’t.

Best thing about all of these is they try to copy the accents which is just brilliant. A does a great Brummie accent too, like really good for a 4 year old! She picked it up from another programme they used to watch about a troll with a magic stick that could make magic words, believe it or not it’s one of the easier to tolerate kids shows.

Anyway, make your kids laugh because it’s the best noise in the world. If they don’t think you’re funny just tickle them. If they’re not ticklish maybe hire a clown. That’s all for today, they’ve finished their dinner and want ice cream now. Bedtime soon and I’m all dressed up as Arnie in the jungle ready to supervise some scrubbing of teeth….I’ll be back. Yeah I’m a loser…

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