Nightmares & Broken Sleep

Today I will be drinking a lot of coffee, caffeinated too because my quality of sleep was rotten. I usually have one normal coffee in the morning and then decaf for the majority of the day. I’ve cracked open the Kopi Luwak today (look it up and you probably won’t fancy it) as I’ve had it in the cupboard for a while now and it deserves to be used, yum!

Anyway, lots of coffee required as last night I didn’t sleep well. H was really unsettled. He gets a cough and I’ve not pinpointed what could be causing it. They won’t diagnose asthma at his age but I may push for it to be looked into again. I also need to do a food diary to see if something specific could be setting it off. Due to this cough he’s sometimes sick. He coughs so much it causes him to throw up and any parent that’s seen their little one being sick knows it’s bloody horrible. It didn’t happen until very early hours this morning, I think around 4 or 5am, but leading up to it he was really restless.

A gets really upset when she hears him being sick. When he’s coughing she covers her ears in her bed, I’m not even sure if she’s awake and doing it or still asleep! So A didn’t sleep well either. She woke up crying for me saying she’d had a nightmare. This has happened a few times now. The first one was after her mum and I took them swimming earlier this year. A didn’t like the pool and wouldn’t go in with either of us, H loved it. A little while after that she told me she had a bad dream where she was in the swimming pool and sank to the bottom. There were no grown ups there and she couldn’t get out, it was horrible hearing her describe this! I think there was then the standard monster dream. Following this I got her a dream catcher, it was in Elsa colours and I got it on Etsy I think. Anyway I explained to her how they’re meant to work and for a long time she didn’t seem to have any nightmares. Last night was odd though. She woke up and said she’d had a nightmare so I asked what happened. She said there was a lady in our garden waving into the house. That freaked me out a little so I asked what she looked like. She had white skin, blonde hair and a pink coat. I’ve just been told she was laughing and pulling out all our flowers too, not the weeds! Maybe she was a witch or something. I settled her again and she had a nice dream about school she said.

I’m just glad she didn’t have glowing eyes this woman doing a crap job of gardening. Glowing eyes freak me out. My first memory of this was when I was quite young. I think it was Poltergeist and the old guy walking down the street looking into a house with red eyes or something. Then came Ghostbusters 2, the weird museum guy was waking in a dark hallway in an apartment block or something and he eyes started glowing like headlights. After that the Borg in Star Trek, they freaked me out when I was young but now I think they’re awesome. So yeah it wasn’t a great night. Two tired kiddies today but hopefully we’ll still have a good day. I’m probably struggling more than they are even with coffee, but then I’ve been awake since around 4am! Happy Saturday!

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