I Blame the Kids

I’m trying to work out if I’ve always had a shit attention span or if this just developed after having kids. I also find myself procrastinating a lot, but I think that’s always been my nature. Back to my attention though, (even that is an example of how bad it is) I have noticed it a lot recently. For example I just opened up my laptop to write this, so opened the page, then my e-mail inbox, then picked up my phone and scrolled through facebook but not before I’d looked on the Arsenal blog app I follow (arseblog.com if you’re an Arsenal fan and wanted to know, seriously have a look) and now I’m writing. So a good four things I decided to do before the original task I’d set myself. This is common, I do it daily. I boil the kettle, get sidetracked doing other things that usually aren’t important and then it’s back to reboil the bloody kettle. Have I always done this or has having kids reduced my overall mental capacity?

Another thing I do a lot is go to do something and then forget what that something was. This one I really do think is a post-children thing. The number of times a week I run up stairs to get something, usually a hairbrush or an item of clothing to sort the kids out, and I get up there and think what the shit did I come up here for again….I’ll then find something I need, which wasn’t the original thing I needed, go downstairs and then remember what I went up for in the first place….back upstairs I go. I do it with my own things too, usually my headphones. So I’ll turn all the lights off in the house, make sure I’ve not left the tumble dryer on or anything, leave the house and lock the door (50% of the time I ask myself as I walk up the street “did I lock the door”) and off I go. I’ll get around the corner and realise I’m not listening to any music…..nope….not doing it so back home I go. Headphones found, leave the house and lock the door (did I lock the door???) and start again.

Your mind has to readjust to a lot of change after kids. Not getting as much sleep, the destruction of brain cells watching kids TV and the quickfire answering of your kids random questions. I think some of my mental demise can just be put down to me getting older, and then some down to the changes that come with kids, but until they’re old enough to point out my flaws are my own I’m going to blame the kids! 

Why’s your house so messy? I have kids – Real answer is I get caught up doing other things and I’m a little bit lazy….and like to sit and drink coffee….and eat cake…and not do housework.

Wow you look tired! I have kids – Real answer is I was smashing an entire season of GoT because I didn’t start watching it until this month and someone convinced me to try it….so I didn’t get to bed until 2am.

Why are you broke af? I have kids – Real answer is yes the kids cost money, childcare is a bastard but I’m also a little impulsive at times so there are places I could save money but I like to treat myself now and again….I work hard drinking coffee and eating cake so I deserve it!

Why are you so stressed? I have kids – Real answer to this is my kids are actually amazing and they’re pretty well behaved. They have their moments of course, but more often than not they’re awesome. Life is stressful. Whether you have kids or not there is plenty in life that tests your patience and pushes your stress levels. My kids are probably the least stressful part of my life! Hope you all have a Sunday Funday!

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