The Things They Say.

Today has been long! I’ve had lots of coffee (one was free due to the amount I chat to the people at Costa near work) and I’ve been flat out at work. I’m home now and need to do housework, but that can wait til tomorrow right? Pretty sure that’s fine…

Today I wanted to write about some of the stuff the kids come out with and to be fair it’s mostly my daughter. Both say some funny things but she generally comes out with the gold. This is probably partly because since she was tiny she was very forward with pretty much everything! Not to say my boy isn’t but I remember having proper conversations with her from a very young age and I always made a point of taking to her like I would any adult. Just full sentences and explaining things to her fully, whether she understood or not it didn’t matter as I think it was good for her to hear lots of words and in time they’d make sense to her.

Anyway, here’s some of my favs starting with the most recent:

A. Daddy I don’t want my toast cut up.

Me. Ok I won’t cut it up.

*makes toast*

A. I didn’t want it like that.

Me. You said you didn’t want it cut up…

A. I do

*Cuts toast into triangles*

A. I don’t have it cut into triangles

Me. Well it’s something different isn’t it!

A. It’s not something different it’s still toast.

Me. *sigh*


Kids. What’s that daddy?

Me. ……..

Kids. Is it chocolate?

Me. Maybe

*unwraps chocolate*

A. I love you daddy.

Pfft nice try little girl!


Handheld game. Say I’m ready into the mic when you’re ready to start.

A. I’m ready into the mic.

Well it did say….


Back of grandparents car.

H to grandparents. Will A come back out when she goes to into school?

G. Of course she will don’t worry! She only goes for the day.

*A puts her hand on H’s hand*

A. You’re weird

She’s so lovely.


There’s probably lots more but I’m too tired to think back. I wish I could have something recording all the time to listen back to these things! Happy Friday people.

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