Pushing On

Kids haven’t been home long and I have to say I was worried about how they would be coming back from their mums, but so far so good. Apparently they’d been quite subdued today at nursery but all smiles when I got them, and that was before they got their little treats, so pretty happy they smile with daddy!

I promised A I’d get her some earrings as she lost hers a little while back, they were only clip on ones but she got them for her birthday and loved them. So then of course I needed to get H something, fair’s fair. She had asked for either rainbows, stars or anything pink. I managed to find pink stars and some unicorns with different coloured bits on them, I done quite well I think. H got a Lego Batman keyring that lights up and seems pretty happy with it. I bought a couple of doughnuts on my way back too, I had got them one each then thought na they can have half of one and I’m going to destroy the other, which I did. Batman now has chocolate on his cape but even superheroes enjoy a doughnut now and again I’m sure! A decided to change into a dress and is dancing around with her new star earrings and everybody is pretty happy.

So I think I really should worry less and just push on with being the best dad I can. They certainly seem better than last week, I guess I’ll see how the evening goes. I’m preparing to paint nails in a minute, then it’s on to getting dinner sorted. I do love getting them back, I miss them a lot when they’re gone and the house is so empty & quiet…..give it an hour and I’ll be complaining about the noise! I do believe that a loud house is a happy house though. Right H has just coughed right in A’s face for no apparent reason, little shit. Hope you’ve all had a good day, it’s been wet a miserable here and I did that hilarious thing of stepping on a wobbly paving slab and having one drenched foot, awesome!

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