Daddy’s Girl

Today and tomorrow will be posts all about the two beautiful children I get to call mine! I’m starting with my daughter as she’s the eldest, seems the fairest way!

Anybody reading this who has seen my Instagram account or has seen my daughter because they know me will find it hard not to agree with me when I say she’s a little stunner. She just has such a cute face, lovely smile and I can’t help but smile looking at her. Now there’s no way I can take full credit for how beautiful she is (though I’ll try) as her mum is good looking. We seem to split opinion when people say who both the kids look like most, but I don’t really care! She’s definitely a daddy’s girl most of the time, and I love that!

She has always been clever. She walked at 9 months (like her daddy) and was talking super early too. She copied everything as a baby and I’m sure I have videos of her counting before she was a year old, now I know it’s just simple repetition and she probably doesn’t have a clue but still! She loves her writing and colouring too. She’s really good at reading and knows what most things are too. I think because we always spoke to her like we would anybody else it really helped her develop as well as she has.

She just wants to learn and do as much as she can for herself. It took me ages to learn how to do ponytails so they didn’t bloody fall out and she can already do her own now, show me up much girl! She can dress herself and always wants to choose her clothes for the day, she doesn’t like when I tell her she can’t wear her shorts or dresses out when it’s chucking it down though. It was cold one time and I said no, and she kicked off so I let her and she complained it was cold when we got outside, now I remind her of that if she starts moaning at me about not being allowed to wear her clothing choice!

She loves her little brother, to the point that sometime she mothers him a bit. She also has little patience when he’s being a menace….which is often. As much as they fight and argue they can still happily play together and I know she loves him to bits. She doesn’t tend to let him talk though, she talks over him or talks for him which is funny sometimes but she does need to stop it. I think her going to school and him to nursery will do wonders for them both.

So yes she starts school next month, and it’s scary because she’s growing up. My little princess is starting a massive new chapter in her life and it’s happened so fast! I’m not looking forward to it but I think she’ll love it and thrive there. She’ll still dance and dress up as a Disney princess and all of that sweet stuff, but she’ll also be growing up and I have to accept that! Writing that has reminded me I need to get her in for ballet lessons again, she really wants to go back so got to get on that once things settle with work and she’s in school I think. Still hoping she’ll get into football, be amazing at it and join Arsenal Women’s! I can dream!

Tomorrow it’s on to my little dude 🙂

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