This is what we call my little man, the subject for today’s post 🙂

Don’t know how I could love this dude more. He’s the best little boy ever. Yes he can be hard work, destructive and boisterous  but with that comes a lot of fun and laughter. I feel for him sometimes because his sister often takes centre stage and he can’t muscle his way in. He will generally let her get on with things and go play so I try to make sure she lets him say what he wants and doesn’t interrupt him! He’s become a lot more outgoing recently and it’s lovely to see, so with him going to a new nursery on his own for the first time I’m hoping he’ll become more confident!

I love his cheeky side. As I said he can be hard work and a handful at times but everything he does is with a smile because he’s just such a happy kid! He’s happy playing on his own or with his big sister and it doesn’t matter what it  is. He’s stared trying to do the word games a lot more now and is really good, although on purpose he tries to make out he doesn’t know what things are…. I don’t know why, but this then opens the door for A to jump in and answer, then he gets annoyed! The last couple of weeks he’s been telling her off for answering questions for him which is great. As I said yesterday she does try to mother him a bit so it’s good he’s not having it now!

Like his sister he was quick learning to walk and since then he’s just wanted to run everywhere, climb on everything and generally cause chaos and that’s fine with me! He loves his trains and knows all the names of them, he loves cars and dinosaurs and all the normal boy stuff. He laughs at his dad which will get him far, all dads like to think they’re funny, and he has the best laugh!

He’s a very handsome chap too, dimples like his dad but 100 times better looking! Cutest little smile. I find myself looking at him a lot and just wanting to give him a big cuddle, it’s usually 50-50 as to whether I’ll get one or not, depends on how much fun he’s having! Recently had his vaccination boosters and although he cried in the car on the way, he was a proper little hero in there and not one tear from his eyes, trooper 🙂

So there’s my boy, and my girl yesterday, and these two are my reason for living. I don’t think I can describe my love for them both in words, and I genuinely feel like the luckiest person alive. They’re my world!

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