Moments of Clarity

The kids were with their nan last night, and she dropped them back off this afternoon. I know lots of parents get little or not help/days off and I have the utmost respect for you as I’ve said before.

Anyway the day started fine until I had to ask the ex to provide something (I won’t go into detail) and that caused a text confrontation. After that I was in a pretty shitty mood.

As soon as I got the kids back my mood was lifted. We played in the sand, got some lunch and then got ice cream  Back home now but on the way they just talked to me and asked lots of questions about things we could see etc. They also copy me saying things from Shrek in the accent and everything, it’s so funny!

The point of all this waffling is simply to say sometimes things seem utterly shit, especially where a nightmare ex is concerned, but what we’re all doing with our kids is awesome. We’re guiding these amazing little people through life, not even fully knowing how to deal with it ourselves most of the time! We give them everything and they give us all their love in return and I can deal with being on my own and dealing with the everyday crap thrown at me knowing my kids are cared for, healthy and happy! I still miss having someone, but I’m content knowing I’m doing right by them at the very least.

When you do have those days where it feels too much or like you just can’t win, just remember what you’re doing. You’re being utterly selfless. You’re being responsible. You’ve got your priorities right and you’re fucking awesome. All parents who put their kids first are. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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