How Quickly Things Change

I haven’t posted for two or three weeks now, useless I know! I first started writing this blog to fill my quiet times, those times where thinking about stuff happens far too easily. I also started writing it to help me process things which were happening with the hope what I was writing would help others in some way. I still intend to keep going but I am surprised at how easy it’s been to take a break from it. So what was the reason for my break? I’ll tell you.

For no particular reason I decided to join a single parents Facebook group. Can’t remember how it even popped up or if I was searching for it specifically. Anyway I found one which was for support, banter and “flanter” (flirty banter) so went for it. I watched at first and got a feel for things and soon realised there were a lot of funny people on there. They did games like post a picture of a body part and guess who it belongs to (send to the admins and they post for you) and no there wasn’t x-rated stuff or anything! Some seriously funny stuff though.

About a week in and they mention a night out planned for people to meet up and get hammered. I’m pretty impulsive at times and thought sod it I’m going along too. Hotel booked and really looking forward to a good night out as it had been a while! Around the same time I get chatting to one of the girls on there and we just click. We’ve spoken every day for the last two and a half weeks or so, maybe a little more and after the first week I’d already gone to meet her…..again very impulsive. Had a really lovely couple of days and convinced her to come to the night out too. I really didn’t want to leave either because I just felt content there with her (if you need sick bags get them now). She’s hot too, which is always a bonus haha.

So the night out was Saturday just gone and it was so much fun. An awesome bunch of people which was quite clear just from chatting on the group but confirmed when actually going out with them. Everybody got on so well, no drama just a good drunken time. I got to see the girl I’d been speaking to and again we had a great time and I’m already trying to plan to see her again. It feels really good to just feel happy and to have someone that makes you smile all the time. Distance between us may make things a little harder but nothing worth having ever comes easily in my experience and I think this is worth having 🙂

So I guess the point in this post is to just say that when things don’t feel like they’re going great or you just aren’t feeling overly positive, keep thinking positively because things can change out of nowhere. In two weeks I’ve made some great new friends and we’re arranging another night out for November, and I’ve met a girl who keeps me smiling all day and who makes me really happy. All of this from a Facebook group, who’d have thought!

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