Multiple Personalities

I think I’m a pretty simple person (not in a simpleton kind of way….although I have my moments). What you see is what you get and generally I’m an open book, and will talk about any part of my life quite happily. I have times where I become a little more reserved and clam up, but this is simply because I’m trying to process stuff. I was talking to a friend not long ago and stuff came out about someone else I know, and you just think really? Noooo that can’t be right, then you hear the same from someone else.

I hate how some people can put themselves out there as one person, the person you think you know and get on with, but actually have a completely different personality that you struggle to believe is part of them. I get that people have safety mechinisms or walls that they put up so they can keep some control over things, but to essentially be a completely different person with others is just crazy to me. I completely understand why some people have massive trust issues especially when they’ve been with someone and then found out about the other side of them, it makes relationships very difficult because the foundation of a healthy relationship is trust.

It’s something that’s never going to change I guess, the world will always have people like this which is a bit sad but what can you do? Lying and being deceptive seem to be essential for lots of people to live their lives the way they want to, and with the addition of social media & mobile technology it’s a bit of a battle to really know someone fully. The ability to manipulate others to get what you want also seems to be another essential life skill for many people too and it’s just something I don’t have time for. I don’t want to waste my time building a friendship or whatever with a person, think they’re good and decent etc, then find out they’re a massive dick!

Sorry it’s a bit of a ranty/moany post, has been a weird week! On a more positive note the kids and I made cookies yesterday and they were good, and now they are gone… my terrible diet over the last few months continues with no sign of improvement!

Happy Sunday!

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