You’re Doing Something Amazing

To say I’ve neglected my blog is an understatement! I’ve been meaning to post for so long but there’s been so many distractions and all sorts going on that it’s always put to one side. It’s something I’m aware of and something I need to address. Time management is not my strong point so I need to work on it both with my personal and work lives!

Anyway you may or may not know that I recently joined a single parents group on Facebook. It really has been eye opening because you realise just how many people out there are in similar situations to you. Not only that but you see and hear about what other people have gone through or are still going through and it makes you very thankful for the life you have and it makes you appreciate the time you have with your children even more.

There are so many different scenarios just on a group of 1300 or so people. Some have no free time at all and all childcare and upbringing is 100% on them. Some do shared care and it works, others do it and it could work better but they keep at it so the kids can see them both. There are others that are doing everything they can to see their child/children but circumstance means currently they can’t. One that always amazes me is mums with multiples (twins, triplets etc) who look after 3+ children on their own….. you deserve a medal and all the alcohol you could ever want! There’s also so many people who have other things to worry about of top of bringing up their children though. Family illness/passing, problems at work, nightmare ex’s and terrible nurseries to name a few, but people keep at it because they simply have to and I have a lot of respect for them. The support everybody gives each other on the group is just awesome too so I’m very glad I stumbled across it.

So the point of this post really is to say that I have an awful lot of admiration and respect for all parents, and even more for those doing it on their own in whatever capacity that may be. There are days where our kids push us to breaking. There are days when life throws absolutely everything at us and you feel you just need a chance to come up for air. There are days where you feel you just want to give up but you know you never will because those little versions of you need you and you’ll always be there for them. Despite the tough times, the good times are so much better and worth the struggles we go through. So as hard as it may be, next time you are having one of those tough days with your little ones, or it just feels like the whole world is against you, just remember to tell yourself that you’re doing something amazing, you’re being the best parent you can be.

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