Time Flies

Once again I’ve let life take over and I’ve neglected writing, which is rubbish but sometimes it can’t be helped I guess. I’m fairly sure it’s been over 6 months which is terrible but a fair bit has happened in that time.

There’s a fair bit to be excited about at the moment which I will talk about another day. There’s also stuff happening which concerns me as there’s an element of the unknown with it…very much playing a waiting game so we’ll see how it all pans out.

One bit of big news is we got a puppy (Blue Merle Boarder Collie)! So it’s essentially me and three kids now. Back to cleaning poo and pee from places I shouldn’t need to be. Being jumped on even after bedtime now. Cleaning up mess that’s been made after playing….the list goes on. I love it though and I think pets are a great addition to any family especially with young children. They absolutely love him and don’t leave the poor sod alone. I’m still telling them he has sharp claws and teeth and thinks they’re always trying to play when crawling about the floor, but funnily enough they don’t listen!

I took him out for his first walk in the sun today which was nice and I’m looking forward to the kids being home midweek so they can come out too, they desperate for it! He’s a lovable little fluffball but he’s also young and manic! Hoping for some calm eventually but I’m not sure I’ll get that lucky!

So 6-7 months has flown by, it feels like not much has changed some days, then I realise a fair bit has and there’s lots of change still waiting to happen. More I’ll talk about another day now I’ve refocused on this. Feels good to be tapping away on the keyboard again : )


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