Holidays for all

What a week! I only worked three days this week but had a busy weekend and now I’m shattered.

The kids went off with their grandparents on Thursday. They’re back on Friday and I’m missing them massively. I had a nice weekend up north. I ate too much, drank more than I normally do, spent ages in the sun, did some people watching, laughed a lot and smiled a lot….so a great weekend for me. Even the pooch has had a few days away with friends and he’s been enjoying new smells and lots of cuddles with new people.

It’s nice to get these little breaks sometimes and I’m fully aware a lot of parents don’t get them, so I’m super grateful! As I said though I’m missing the kids a lot and always do when they’re not home with me. My girl got her first school report this week and she’s down as exceeding in all areas which doesn’t surprise me as she’s just always wanted to learn, but it still made me so proud reading what the teacher wrote. I know it’s only foundation year but it’ still lovely! My boy “graduated” pre-school and is into foundation year in September. It’s scary how fast both are growing up, very scary!

So yep a busy week for all of us and a deserved break too. Although I’m back at work tomorrow and no doubt I’ll be sent some beach photos of the kids to make me jealous. I have a smile on my face that even a Monday morning won’t wipe off, and I possibly have a touch of sun stroke haha!

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