I’m a single 30 something year old with two toddlers. This is my little space on the internet to waffle on about the stuff we get up to as a family, the struggles and rewards that come with being a single parent and an honest account of life following the breakdown of the long term relationship with their mother. 

I started writing this for me, to help me process my thoughts and vent at a laptop screen. I also started writing it as a lot of people asked about my situation, that being the main carer of the kids when in most cases it’s the mother they’re with. If other single parents get some laughs from this I’m happy. If something I write helps a parent in some way I’m happy. If people share their experiences as parents with me and others, good and bad, I’m happy 🙂

Being a parent is hard, whether you have someone along for the ride with you or not. We should all encourage, support and appreciate one another and all we do for the little people we bring into this world. Come and share, come and chat!