Daddy’s Girl

Today and tomorrow will be posts all about the two beautiful children I get to call mine! I’m starting with my daughter as she’s the eldest, seems the fairest way! Anybody reading this who has seen my Instagram account or has seen my daughter because they know me will find it hard not to agree […]

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Pushing On

Kids haven’t been home long and I have to say I was worried about how they would be coming back from their mums, but so far so good. Apparently they’d been quite subdued today at nursery but all smiles when I got them, and that was before they got their little treats, so pretty happy […]

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Today on lunch I went and got a coffee with one of my favourite people. We talk often and generally share what’s going on in our lives and give our take on things. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and I’m very lucky to have her as a friend. She knows my situation in […]

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How Soon is Too Soon?

Another week gone, another drop off to the ex….another couple of days feeling anxious and wondering how they’ll be when they’re back. I hate this time off the week, and they’re meant to be the days I get me time, to do non dad related stuff (although housework is still pretty much dad stuff). I […]

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When the kids got back from their mums last week I had a bit of a shit evening with them, my daughter more so. It means I’m more worried/anxious when it comes to dropping them to her this week. She says she’s taking them out for the day, but not just the three of them, […]

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The Things They Say.

Today has been long! I’ve had lots of coffee (one was free due to the amount I chat to the people at Costa near work) and I’ve been flat out at work. I’m home now and need to do housework, but that can wait til tomorrow right? Pretty sure that’s fine… Today I wanted to […]

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What to do…

I’m writing this out today (yesterday) to post tomorrow (today) and that makes sense to me, hopefully it does to read! I tend to think a little about what I’m going to write about the night before, then a little more the following day before actually getting it down. I’m doing it now (last night) […]

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